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Get powerful tools to live your healthiest, happiest, most sustainable life AND help a very worthy cause! 

I can't imagine a better way to generate awareness for a cause that I love, connect you with the world's leading experts in passion driven business... and have them spill the beans on their most valuable business secrets and insights. This event is open to you no matter where you are in your career and life...

  • If you're a seasoned business professional, insanely successful, and looking for growth hacks, secrets to the highest levels of achievement or just want to connect with the thought leaders of today...
  • If you feel trapped and bored by your current state and feel like you were destined for something greater
  • If you've tried and failed so many times at running your "dream business" that you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and lost...

And you're searching for that one little golden nugget that will give you the personal breakthrough you've been needing...

This Is How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be In The Fastest, Most-Effective Way Possible...

Imagine being able to sit in a room with the best, brightest, and highest achieving self-made business entrepreneurs of 2015... and imagine them letting you in on their best kept success secrets... Even just being able to do this with just ONE of these experts could give you a MASSIVE leg up and potentially give you the advantage you need to break through and achieve the success that you've always dreamed of... And you'll get to do exactly this with 23 of the of the world's brightest, most passionate entrepreneurs of today! This could be your one and only opportunity to get the attention and insights of ALL these incredible business people, working together in one virtual "room" to help you transform your business and find more joy in your work and life!

Learn From The Pros Who Have Been Just Where You Are, And Will Give You The Recipe To Live The Life You Deserve

I hand-picked speakers who are at the top of their game… who LIVE their success… who I have the utmost respect for… and I knew would be bringin’ it with massive amounts of value!

And you should know, each of them jumped on board with this summit, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules… which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to helping YOU.

Nick Unsworth

Finding out what you want to do, and live a life on fire

Jairek Robbins

Living a life of purpose

Valerie Groth

Mastering your mindset

Mike Vardy

Productivity Hacks

Jeff Goins

How to find your calling

Gary Ware

How the improviser mindset can help you have a fulfilled life

Sara Schairer

How to have more compassion for yourself and others

Kathryn Bryant & Julian Illman

Manage Your Mind and Happiness

Brandon Heavey

Easy ways to improve your health

Melissa Eisler

Meditation for the rest of us

Chris Soriano

What we can learn from journalists to help us improve our goals

Tommy Galan

Leaving a stressful job to follow your passion

Scott Barlow

Finding a career that fits

Corey Poirer

8 Common Traits of Enlightened Super Achievers

Bianca Kofmann

Improving your personal style on a budget

Gary Hirsch

Using improv and art to help people

Gregory Berg

How to do what you love and get paid for it

Joe Pardo

How to be a dreamer and a doer

Joe Nafziger

Using Kickstarter to fund your side project

Phyllis Ginsberg

How to have better self-talk

Ryan Rhoten

Personal Branding

Steven Fox

Simplifying personal finance and investments

Shelly Bowen

How to be a better storyteller

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Life? Because These 23 Experts Are Ready To Help!

You’ll get insights and practical information that you can apply right away, from our roster of respected visionaries, authors and experts. It’s about getting inspired to take action to live your best possible life.

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  • The only PROVEN way to finding your purpose in life... (HINT: You won't find it by reading books, asking your neighbors, or day-dreaming... you have to DO something! You'll find out just what that is at the summit...)
  • How to get other people to pay you to grow your passion project from a fledgling idea into a full blown business... and you won't have to invest a dime of your own money to make it happen...
  • You want to improve your health, manage or prevent a particular chronic disease, or simply stay well, naturally
  • Why controlling your mind is the single most important aspect to a fulfilling and passion filled career... PLUS: You'll get expert mind-tricks, techniques, and insights from the entrepreneurs who have discovered the secrets to keeping the mind sharp and in tune.
  • Dreaming vs. Doing - Which is more important? You'll discover the shocking truth from one self-made success story... and you might be surprised at just what he says about it!
  • The 8 reasons why some people are "super achievers"... and you'll be given the tools you need to move from watching others live your life to taking the reins and making things happen for yourself...
  • And much, much more...

As you can tell, this is going to be an INFO PACKED experience.

We've got 23 speakers, all speaking for at least an hour giving away all of their best tips on getting what you want out of life and business.

Pretty great, right?


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